Brattle (Brains Battle)

The brattle (brains Battle) team’s workout is about cognitive science and neurofeedback, design and implementation cognitive games based on brain’s signals for those who have a lack of concentration problems(like ADHD kids).

In this regard ,we use the brain-computer interface (BCI) in order to receive brain’s signals from people. then, after filtering, processing the signals and using the appropriate algorithm ,pattern recognition concentration in real time.

If the person can concentrate, we will recognize his brain’s signals and she/he will take one step to win.

One of Brattle group innovations in this field is the simultaneous use of two persons. that means, two persons complete in a game through their brain’s signals and concentration. Neurofeedback is the best and most effective treatment for problems with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders concentration, attention and ADHD.

Brattle is located in SRC Accelerator